3D Artist - Student


Welcome to my site!

This is my website that I will use to show my portfolio work and also my current work in progress projects alongside written blogs of project development or just interesting things in general.

Here you can access the work I have done previously and work in progress projects in forms of blog posts, image galleries or links to external websites

The main purpose of creating this site is to have a place for my work to be displayed as well as other relevant information to be accessed easily. I’m not sure what the site will grow into but anything I find useful and relevant will be added here.

If you are connected to the 3D industry, maybe you will find something useful here or you can just follow along with me on my journey. If you just happen to find this randomly, hopefully you find something here that interests you or intrigues you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions on the Contact page.



Current Showreel for 3D work that I have produced through School and Personal time.

Vimeo Profile